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We are a team of healthcare professionals with over twenty years’ experience providing a head to toe musculoskeletal service using chiropractic, osteopathy, herbal medicine and reflexology. Whether you have a chronic back problem or just feel you lack flexibility, a few gentle adjustments will make all the difference to your ability to move freely and live the life you desire.

We are focused on helping people of all ages to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Our treatments are all very gentle and pleasant to receive and we also place emphasis on nutrition, exercise and mental wellbeing.

You are in safe hands as we have a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over many years of treating patients and completing Continued Professional Development (CPD) in subjects from migraine to plantar fasciitis and everything in between. Our Facebook page has information on recent courses we have attended and also notifications of last minute appointments.

Our patients love our selection of natural skincare products which they enjoy sampling on their visits and are available to buy online or in the clinic. We have chosen products with all natural ingredients and are definitely NOT tested on animals. The skin is your largest organ and should receive great care and attention as it is often the first sign of an underlying problem. If you have a troublesome skin condition give us a call and we can advise you on the most suitable products.